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No broker is simply the best. And it does not exist because each operator or trader has different needs. A broker may be very good at FOREX products but not at Cryptocurrency. In the same way, there are very cheap brokers to operate in the long term, but tremendously expensive to do intraday trading. That said, there are certain characteristics that a broker must meet. Some of them are non-negotiable.

Without a doubt, the most important thing is regulation. It is the main thing that we should never overlook. The first thing we should pay attention to. It is useless for a broker to offer a great service with all kinds of products, have cheap commissions, and give us infinite possibilities if it is not regulated.

Of course, one must ask why a broker is regulated. The importance lies in the safety of our money. A broker that is not properly regulated tomorrow or the day after takes the clients' money, and we have run out of capital. And, of course, without capital, we cannot operate. Money is our raw material, so we cannot invest without money.

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Doing things right costs money. Choosing a good broker, in terms of commissions, is probably more expensive. Although it doesn't have to be this way, it usually is. However, we must remember that what is much more expensive is losing our savings. That is much more expensive than any commission.

In this sense, a broker is considered authorized because it complies with many standards. If, as a broker, you do not comply with a series of regulations, then the authorities will not give you their license. In addition to being authorized, a very important detail is how deposits are made. To the extent possible, the accounts should be separate. Of course, it is also more expensive, and we could have problems accessing certain markets.

A broker must behave courteously with his clients. And, of course, proactively and helpfully. Whether we are small investors or professionals, choosing a good broker means choosing a good team of people. They must serve us, show us information and offer us a good service.

No matter how regulated it is, no matter how cheap commissions it offers, it is useless if the human team is infamous later. We may never have a problem, but if we ever do have one, we want to be with a team that we know helps and supports us.

Choosing a good broker is also choosing a good advisor. Indeed, a broker does not advise, nor does he have to be legally qualified. However, choosing a quality broker is choosing an intermediary that solves problems for us that helps us.